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Here at the UEAC we compete in competitions at all levels, from local friendlies up to national tournaments. As a club we have shot all over the South West and Wales and compete regularly in the BUCS Indoor and Outdoor university championships, with successes every year!


Competitions are, to many, the "bread and butter" of archery, and we do encourage archers to compete, not least for the new experiences and opportunities that come with competing. With that in mind, we do not, however, believe that competitions are the beginning and end of archery, because it is the friends you make along the way and the experiences you have through archery that make it a truly memorable and unique sport.

When it comes to competitions we have a core set of archers referred to as the "squad" who are our most regular competitors. Out of 180 or so club members, 30 make up our competition squad. These people are not necessarily our best shooters, but are simply our most enthusiastic, dedicated, and most regular attendees and as such we give them first pick of competitions. The squad is open to rotation throughout the year, and even if you do not make the squad there are still plenty of chances to compete with us, as we host many club championships throughout the year. We also open up most of our competitions to the whole club, meaning everyone gets a chance to compete should they wish. 


As a club we thoroughly enjoy competitions and are always looking for new ways to give our members a chance to explore all the different competition rounds and styles, and we encourage everyone to try it once. The thrill of shooting with friends and perhaps even winning is a feeling that is unforgettable and the healthy competitive spirit of the club is maintained through a feeling of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the odd light jest.

If you are a member of the club and wish to become involved in more competitions outside of the university environment, please join our External Competitions Forum

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