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Our committee is responsible for running the club and should be the first point of contact if you have any questions or concerns. We meet on a monthly basis to discuss how we can improve the club to give you the best experience that we can. 

nathan chan_edited.jpg

Nathan Chan


2nd Year, Medical Science

Hi, I am a second year medical science student and will be captain for this year. Currently shooting recurve and compound bows. Come join archery if you want to spend your whole life saving, or not if you’re just having fun. 


Luke Burch

Vice-Captain and Welfare Officer

Year in Industry, Electronic Engineering

Hey, I’m Luke - your VC & Welfare for the year! I’m third year electronic engineering, and love to play around with things to see how they work. I’ve had a passion for archery for well over 10 years, and have been shooting regularly for the last few.


Charlotte Barnsley

Secretary & Stash Officer

2nd Year, BA Geography

Hello I’m Charlotte and I’m a second year geography student so during my spare time when I’m not colouring in maps, I shoot arrows at targets. I am a recurve archer and have been for the past 7 years. You don’t need to have experience in archery to join our friendly club and as secretary I’ll be managing all the paperwork as well as organising all of your Exeter archery stash orders! Can’t wait to see you shortly!

tristan Hardyman_edited.jpg

Tristan Hardyman

Squad Competitions Officer (SCO)

4th Year, Secondary Mathematics PGCE

Hi, this is my third year in the club and I shoot recurve because I'm normal. This year I'll be running squad with James. Last year I was treasurer so its going to be a weird transition, asking for money instead of saying no to people asking for money.


James Thomas

Squad Logistics Officer (SLO)

3rd Year, BSc Geography with Applied GIS

Hi all, 
Now reaching my third year in the club hopefully most of you will have seen my face around (if not please now look to the left). I am predominantly a compound archer with the frequent tendency to dabble in horse bow. As your SLO I hope to bring an fun, inviting, and overall chaotic (but organised) atmosphere to your squad sessions, allowing you to reach any level of competition and to facilitate you with whatever is needed (within reason) to improve your technique. 
Always happy to help and look forward to seeing you soon!


Ellie Cheung

Equipment Officer

2nd Year, Medical Science

Hi all, I am Ellie and I'm studying BSc Medical Science with Professional Training Year. I've been casually shooting for about a year now and still have things to learn, but it's all great fun and everyone is there to help! I'll be at sessions handing out equipment and fixing things that need a bit of care. Feel free to say hi or ask any questions, and I hope we can all have a great year ahead! :)

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